What is Azbukum?

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A unique program for advanced Serbian language learners. Contemporary Serbian language, interesting topics, conversational patterns, syntax building, synonyms and antonyms, ...


I am a PhD student of English and Applied Linguistics at the Cambridge University, U K. I would like to express my immense gratitude to Nataša MD, a director of Azbukum, her associates, and last but not least, the students of Serbian language...

Ivana Vidaković,
United Kingdom

Who comes to Azbukum?

Since its founding in 1995 more than five thousand people have studied Serbian as a foreign language, discovered different stories about Serbian tradition and culture, and traveled all over Serbia.

The Centre is open to all people regardless their nationality, age or professional background. Participants from more than thirty countries around the world have participated in the courses since its founding in 1995. Thus, Azbukum has become not only a window of its own into the Serbian culture and language, but also a meeting place for many different peoples, and a field of friendship and love among all those who come.


The Azbukum Centre is opened all year round. Our premises are in Novi Sad and Belgrade. During winter and summer we organize intensive Serbian language courses lasting 2 to 8 weeks. The rest of the year you can join individual or group programs whenever suitable. The location and time of the courses is subject to your choice.


Azbukum's main office is located in Novi Sad, Serbia. There are also several sites where the courses are organized: in Belgrade, Novi Sad, or at some other location in Serbia where certain programs take place (like Ethno camp or Az buki camp for children and young adults).


The Azbukum Centre offers various linguistic and cultural studies courses both internal (in Serbia) and online online (distance learning) regarding the Serbian Language and the Serbs. The courses are offered throughout the year. Grants and special discounted offers (from time to time) for studying Serbian are also available.